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Founded in 1986, JinFeng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise engaged in development of high-end textile equipments; National high and new technology enterprise; member of the Standing Council of China Textile Machinery Association; one of top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang province; scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang province; industry standard drafting committee of 《Cotton combing machine, Cylinder, Top comb, nipper》 and 《 carding machine, Flat》. JinFeng is in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 Standard and obtained two national patents of invention and more than twenty national utility model patents. "JinFeng" is a famous brand in textile industry.
Our company is specialized in manufacturing: cylinder, top comb, nipper assembly on cotton combing machine and stationary flat, removable flat, web purifier, pre-carding plate on carding machine. As a market leader, we are far ahead of other competitors in output and sales volume of the leading products(cylinder, top comb and nipper assembly). Card wire tooth cylinder, double-row top comb and titanium alloy nipper assembly are identified as National new product and New high-tech products in Zhejiang Province. Products are widely used on cotton spinning, bast fiber spinning, chemical fiber, cashmere and other textile field. More than 1960 cotton mills in China are using our products for many years. JinFeng is the appointed supplier of more than 50 famous enterprises who manufacture combing machines and carding machines. Our products are exported to India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other southeast Asia countries, and won an excellent reputation!

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